Organised by the Nettlebed and Greys Group of Churches with Churches Together in Henley – LENT 2016 Project

A series of talks on the Crisis in Syria took place  at the Christ Church Centre in Henley. The emotive images of the besieged towns in Syria, of children in refugee camps in the region and families risking all to reach Europe are overwhelming. How are we to help? Should we help? During Lent 2016, in a series of talks at the Christ Church Centre in Henley on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. We heard from experts in the field to gain a better understanding of the situation and what we heard was set against what we learn in the Bible.

The speakers  (their talks are available to hear again or download below)  were as follows:

17 February, Eva Svoboda of the Overseas Development Institute, a regular writer on Syria gave us the background to the situation and explained why it is such a challenge to international humanitarian law and to aid workers, diplomats and politicians alike.

24 February, Syrian Mr Mohammed Mahmalat who works with Hand in Hand for Syria and Zainab Koroma of the British Red Cross told us about getting medical aid into Syria and finding homes for the refugees in the UK.

Mr Mahmalat’s talk

Zainab Koroma’s talk

2 March, Paul Rose of Christian International Peace Service (CHIPS) was the speaker at The Filling Station in the Town Hall (also 7.30pm)

9 March: David Peppiatt, Director of the International Division of the Red Cross gave a talk about international cooperation in putting aid into Syria, in helping in the camps in neighbouring countries and about finding ways to cope with the huge numbers trying to escape to Europe.

16 March:  There was a panel discussion, including Dr Tilly Martin, setting what we have learnt against what we read in the Bible and discussing ways forward.