Women’s World Day of Prayer – 2017

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Women from all the churches in Henley-on-Thames met at the Sacred Heart Church to celebrate the 2017 Women’s World Day of Prayer on Friday March 3rd.  This special day was started in USA in mid-1800 and has now spread to 170 countries with 3,000 people praying for women from the nominated country.  This year it was the Philippines.

The main poster is the work of Rowen ‘Apol’ Laxamana-Sta.Rosa a 32 year old self-taught artist who loves depicting women because her work can reflect the struggles of being a woman. The picture shows fairness, balance and justice reflected and the more one looks at it, the more you can see. The right side is bright and colourful, the left – predominantly dark and dull showing the imbalance of life. 

The Philippines was struck recently by Typhoon Haiyan which caused much destruction and so the people really value and need both prayers and any material support that we can offer.

The service was based on the parable of Jesus found in Matthew 20 v 1-16 about the landowner who hired workers throughout the day and when it came to paying them, the ones who worked all day were paid the same as the ones who only started later in the day. The challenge was given to the congregation to reflect on : “Was this fair?”

The parable was used to demonstrate the goodness of God in looking after the “last ones” in the community and to encourage people all over the world to be mindful of and to support those who are vulnerable in our communities. 

For more information about the Women’s World day of Prayer click here

JESUS, the bread of life, sends you out to feed others

The GOD of justice sends you to plant the seeds of hope to become the fruits of liberation and love.

The HOLY SPIRIT sends you to be instruments of fairness, justice and joy.