Women’s World Day of Prayer – 2018

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Women's World day of Prayer – 2018

Each year the Churches in Henley come together for this service and this year the service will be held at

Dunsden All Saints Church

The service has been prepared by the Christian women of SURINAME

The theme for the service this year is

 “All God’s Creation is Very Good”

All are welcome at the service, men as well as women.

The church has a car park. Please contact Jeanne Stone (01491-641287) if you would like a lift or can offer a lift.


The service for Women’s World Day of Prayer is written by women from a different country each year and that country then becomes the focus of the world’s prayers on the day itself. The first service of the day will take place at sunrise on the Island of Samoa and the last service will take place at sunset off the coast of American Samoa. From the time that dawn breaks over the Island of Samoa until the last services on this special day, the world is circled in prayer for 36 hours.

The symbol of the Women’s World Day of Prayer was designed in 1982 for the   service prepared by women of Irelan

d, both north and south, and was then adopted as the International Logo. The design comprises arrows converging from the four points of the compass, four figures kneeling in prayer, the Celtic cross and a circle representing the world and our unity through all our diversity

Suriname lies in the northeastern part of South America. The name means “land of many waters.  15% of the land is coastal and less than 2metres above sea level. It is at risk because of climate change and rising sea waters. It is a beautiful country,

with wonderful forests and mountains, great rivers and impressive rapids.  It’s rich in flowers and animals and provides enough food for all.

The population is 540,000 and is multi-ethnic with 90% living in coastal areas. In the service, the women of Suriname urge us to cherish God’s gift of creation and to commit ourselves to caring for God’s world responsibly, so that we may pass it on unspoiled to future generations.

Words from a hymn taken from the service booklet

God in his love for us lent us this planet, Gave it a purpose in time and in space:

Small as a spark from the fire of creation, cradle of life and the home of our race.

Thanks be to God for its bounty and beauty, Life that sustains us in body and mind:

Plenty for all, if we learn how to share it, Riches undreamed of to fathom and find.

Long have our human wars ruined its harvest; Long has earth bowed to the terror of force,

Long have we wasted what others have needed, Poisoned the fountain of life at its source.

Earth is the Lord’s: it is ours to enjoy it,

Ours as God’s stewards to farm and defend.

From its pollution, misuse and destruction Good Lord deliver us world without end.”