Christ the King – November 22nd 2020

The first Christians had a wonderful view of Jesus as God’s king, enthroned at God’s right hand and reigning. Whenever we reduce him to simply a moral teacher or as a celestial sponsor for our current enthusiasms (mostly good in themselves) we do him a disservice, we demote him. We are going to look at Psalm which tells us exactly who he is for us – but before we get to that let’s sing the praises of Christ the King:

Now let’s join in prayer:

We are going to read Psalm 110 responsively:

Our gospel reading comes from Matthew 22, where Jesus faces questions and replies with one of his own!

Talk by Glyn – Jesus, priest and king.

An audio version below if the video doesn’t work for you!

We sing – Before the throne of God above …

Now let’s bring to God our prayers for the church and the world:

Our closing song looks to the fulfilment of God’s work – “Lo! He comes with clouds descending”:

And now let’s close by saying the grace for each other:

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