Mary and Martha

Preached on July 10th 2022 Mary and Martha are too often seen as opposites, competitors, as models between whom we have to choose. Perhaps we can from both?

Sunday February 27th 2022

Our worship today is being led by our friend Scott Wheeler. Scott writes: This week has brought the sad news of the invasion of Ukraine. There are nosimple answer to the problems this presents us, either as countries or asindividual Christians. Today we think of the choices and challenges we mustface. Our first reading is …

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Sunday February 13th

Good Morning and welcome. Today, as we journey through Jesus’ family tree we come to Adam and Eve, made in the image of God. We begin though by doing what those two were designed to do – sing God’s praises: The reading is from Genesis 3, read by Karen: Talk by Glyn – Image-conscious? We …

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