Sunday Worship April 19th Seeking faith gets answers!

Welcome to our Sunday Worship, led today by Scott Wheeler. Scott will lead us deeper into a consideration of Jesus appearing to his disciples and Thomas’ questioning, probing faith. But as always we begin by singing God’s praises:

The head that once was crowned with thorns …

Prayers – please click on the arrow to join the prayers

Bible reading – John 20:19-23 – read for us by David Church

Introduction – Under the Duvet (please click the arrow to watch/listen)

Under the duvet

Bible reading – John 20:24-29 – read for us by Fiona Chapman.

We sing now the “Hymn of St. Thomas”

Talk by Scott Wheeler (Please click on the arrow)

Seeking faith finds answers

Prayers of intercession

Prayers of intercession

We close by singing “Go forth and tell!”

Let us join in saying this blessing aloud, together.

Lord, though we are divided and scattered this Sunday, be with each of us as we rise to go about your work. May the blessings of the risen Christ, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit be with each of us and with all of us.

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